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Have Man Candles Caught On? A Look Back Into Yankee Candle’s Demographics

Image from: Yankee Candle Last month, we wrote about Yankee Candle’s new line of candles of men, appropriately named “Man Candles.” Although the new scents released in the line, like “2×4” and “Riding Mower” definitely seemed manly to me, I wondered whether Yankee Candle would be able to get more men interested in burning candles. Well, the numbers are in and I am surprised to say it appears as though this campaign

Mandles?! Can Yankee Candle Get More Men to Burn Candles?

Image from: Yankee Candle Looking to get a jump on Father’s Day Shopping? Why not get Dad a candle? Yes, a candle. Yankee Candle has recently launched a new line of candles specifically for men, appropriately named “Man Candles” or as Boston Innovation put it, “Mandles.” Yankee Candle’s new “Man Candles” line with include 4 limited edition scents: Man Town, a “masculine blend of spices, woods and musk,” First Down,