Winter Olympics

February Data is Now Live – Winter Olympics, Valentine’s Day, and more…

The weather’s finally warming up in Boston and February data is live and available in Compete PRO! Not only that, but we kicked off a contest for all Compete PRO users last week where you can share your success stories with us and win some awesome prizes. We can’t wait to see how Compete PRO has helped you!

Compete Ranks Top Olympics Related Content

With the Winter Olympics finally at a close it’s interesting to look back over the top referral analytics metrics over February. It seems that NBC did a good job of branding the ceremony as the bulk of referring keywords to included "NBC" in the search.  Referral analytics for and told a slightly different story, with people most interested in the athletes themselves. Both Lindsey Vonn and Shaun

Olympics All The Buzz in February

February data is live and online Olympics coverage is everywhere! Of the top 15,000 fastest moving websites, domains related to NBC universal (the exclusive owner of media rights to 2010 Winter Olympics coverage), Vancouver, and the Olympics in general dominated the charts. Accounting for tens of millions of visitors, it’s safe to assume that NBC’s bid for exclusive coverage definitely paid off.

Race to the Finish: NBC Stakes its Claim to the Olympics Online

When I last posted, the world was eagerly awaiting the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and I was tracking online performance of two major websites for these Games: and Even though that was less than two weeks ago, it seems a lot has changed. To be fair, I’m not exactly picking up where I left off. Last time I used monthly unique visitor metrics to