Twitter Campaign Amounts to McDefeat

Image from: ABC News If you follow the world of social media at all, you’ve probably heard by now that McDonald’s launched a Twitter campaign last week that didn’t go quite the way they intended. The plan was to promote McDonald’s “Meet the Farmers” campaign by sponsoring a hashtag, #McDstories, and encouraging people to use it to share stories of the good times they’ve had at their local Mickey D’s.

Free Report: The State of Social Media

Starting with The State of the Social Media: First Edition, Compete will be releasing a white paper series covering your favorite marketing channels including search, social, and email. Marketing is a fast-paced industry and consumer behavior is anything but stagnant. Your knowledge of your potential customers should also be dynamic. For this first installment, we’ll showcase insights gleaned from Compete PRO data to illustrate how your potential customers are using

How Did You Follow the Golden Globes?

Image from: bioraven / Shutterstock Sunday night aired the 2012 Golden Globes, honoring achievements in film and television. People all over the U.S. tuned in to watch celebrities walk the red carpet, and to see which of their favorite movies and shows won awards. I was curious to see how people followed the Golden Globes this year, so I used Compete PRO to look at the Daily Reach to

Social Media Marketing #IWILLSWEAT

It seems like you can’t go to any marketing event these days without hearing social media marketing buzz words flying all over the place like paper airplanes in an unruly classroom. Yet what I feel we often lose sight of is that the frontier has not yet been completely explored. I suppose, much like the early days of the Internet, we’re in for a wild ride, learning many lessons…

Is My Mom a Social-ite?

Image from: 26knot / Shutterstock My mom is not a “mom jean” wearing, mini-van driving mom. No, my mom is pretty cool. She knows how to use an iPhone, let me skip school to go to Disneyland growing up, and will send me the occasional Trader Joe’s gift card with  clothing surprise package (score!). And while I have gotten use to my mom being my friend on Facebook (and my

Seniors Staying Social

Image from: AISPIX / Shutterstock We all know the horror of realizing our moms or dads are on Facebook and are now posting their favorite 5 paragraph recipes in their status updates or asking us who can see what on their wall and liking all of our friends posts. Although it may be painful to watch your parents try to be “hip” and stay up with the times, it is

The 6 People Twitter Should Bring if Stranded on a Desert Island

Image from: Andrew Doran / Shutterstock As a brand who seeks out any way to engage with our customers, friends, and other our industry experts, we openly admit that we need Twitter. We might even go so far as to say that we are addicted to it. It seems that in this day and age if a company does not have a social media presence they are not only outdated, but also

11 Defining Digital Insights of 2011

Image from: SVLuma / Shutterstock Every day, Compete analysts dig through our data of internet usage and provide our readers with an insight on an industry or online trend. Whether we are discussing the latest holiday shopping trends or the impact of the #Orbitz25Days of Holiday Travel social media campaign, we aim to provide online marketers with context and impact measurement surrounding some of today’s hottest trends. As a tribute

Are 20-Somethings Too Connected? Or Not Connected Enough?

Image from: Jaimie Duplass via Shutterstock My iPhone is synced to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Within seconds I know what my friends are doing as I update my networks, and play a word in Words with Friends. My generation is connected, which is not entirely our fault since playing Oregon Trail in elementary school was educational. In this digital age it is hard to not be connected, everything and everyone

39 Twitter Quotes That Will Change Your Life!

Ever since Twitter launched back in 2006, the way words have spread has never been the same. 140 character messages have impacted and influenced everything from pop songs, political revolutions, natural disasters and everything in between. Looking at we can see that Twitter’s popularity continues to rise and we don’t think it’s going anywhere but up. Because of this, we put together 39 Twitter Quotes That Will Change Your

The #DigitalDinnerTable Cookbook, Volume 1

Hi Twitterers! @AlyssaMaine and @JenDuguay here. Whether you joined Twitter in 2007 or just minutes ago, whether your profile hosts an unhatched egg picture next to less than 10 followers or your name is @ladygaga and you’re pushing 17 million followers, we are always happy to have you at our Digital Dinner Table. While Digital Miss Manners isn’t here to tell us how long is too late to wait to