Taylor Swift

Sunday Series: Topping the Online Music Charts

Image from: Music Online / Shutterstock   Below are the top ten growers in the Music category, ranked by the breadth of their increase in Unique Visitors since last month’s measurements. It looks like Trans-Siberian.com has topped these charts, probably because of their upcoming Winter Tour. Next we have a bit of a country installment with TheBoot.com, and it’s not wonder Tay Swift is getting some bump from her recent hits

Can web traffic predict Grammy winners?

Now that the Grammys have come and gone, we thought it might be fun to see if web traffic could be used to predict the outcome of a few categories.  Specifically, we thought we’d take a look at the Record of the Year (for best individual song of the year) and Album of the Year (for best overall album) results.  Interestingly, both categories contained almost the exact same group of