sunday series

Sunday Series: Top Growing Sites in Politics and History

Image from: Political Podium / Shutterstock The 2012 Presidential Election is coming up, and Compete is avidly tracking the flux and flow of traffic online to discern where the digital weight is, and what sites are gaining influence. Below is a ranking of the top ten growing sites for the ‘Politics and History’ category in July. You’ll notice that most don’t lend themselves to a particular candidate, with domains advertising

Sunday Series: Office and School Supplies

Image from: Colored Pencils / Shutterstock I love office supplies. No one should ever leave me alone in a supply closet of office supplies unless they want to return to the sight of me hoarding fresh notebooks and pens. This Sunday Series I decided to take a look at June’s data for the industry profile of Shopping>Office and School Supplies, and I noticed that a few of the biggest movers

Sunday Series: Ascension in the Video Games Category

Image from: Video Games / Shutterstock This week’s Sunday Series takes a look at the 10 fastest moving sites in the Gaming>Video Games category. Maybe it’s all the heat, but the data shows a huge increase in traffic to a few of these sites. Most likely the influx is to correlates to the recent publicity campaign around the newest release in the franchise, God of War: Ascension, specifically their newest teaser

Sunday Series: Fast Movers in the Baseball Category

Image from: Baseball on Grass / Shutterstock This week’s Sunday Series features 10 fast movers in the Sports>Baseball category. From the looks of these sites on their way up, it seems as though minor league baseball is becoming a lot more popular with consumers this season. Have you been enjoying minor league baseball this year? Let us know in the comments!

Sunday Series: Home Improvement Top Movers

Image from: Home Improvement Image / Shutterstock Our Sunday Series this week features top movers in the home improvement category. These sites experienced a big increase in unique visitors month-over-month.

Sunday Series – Performing Arts

Image from: Performing Arts Image / Shutterstock For our Sunday Series this week, we have 10 websites with a big monthly increase in Unique Visitors from the Performing Arts/Festivals/Venues category. Enjoy!

Sunday Series – Music Top Movers

Image from: Music Image / Shutterstock For this week’s installation of our Sunday Series, we have 10 websites that saw big increases in monthly Unique Visitors during the month of April from the “Music” category.

Sunday Series: Photo Sharing

Image from: Photo Image / Shutterstock Happy Memorial Day weekend! This week for our Sunday Series we’ve got 10 photo sharing sites with large monthly increases in unique visitors.

Sunday Series: Restaurants and Dining

Image from: My Pizza Brothers Our Sunday Series this week we are features 10 website with a large monthly increase in Unique Visitors from the Restaurants and Dining category. Bon appetit!

Sunday Series: Fast Movers in Student Resources

Image from: Graduation Image / Shutterstock In honor of the many students graduating this weekend, we decided that this week’s edition of the Sunday Series should be a look at sites with a high monthly increase in Unique Visitors from the Student Resources category. Congrats grads!

Sunday Series: Online Leisure Gaming Fast Movers

Image from: Gaming Image / Shutterstock This week for our Sunday Series we have sites with large monthly increases in Unique Visitors. You’ll notice OMGPOP is on the list, perhaps due to the success of “Draw Something.”