Stephen Dimarco

Millward Brown Digital’s IAB Annual Leadership Meeting Highlights

Last month, we sent our president and our CMO/CCO out to Palm Desert, California, for the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Annual Leadership Meeting. I sat down with Stephen DiMarco, the CMO, to learn more about what stood out from the conference. Read more below and watch the interview in this post!

A Brand Blueprint For Marketing On Facebook

In his August post of MediaPost’s Online Metrics Insider, Stephen DiMarco questioned the value of Facebook to a marketer’s campaign, while analyzing Facebook’s ability to measure your own successes as a marketer. Incorporating Facebook into a campaign has become an imperative part of any marketer’s strategy. Company Facebook pages result in community involvement and, ideally, engaged fans. Stephen questions how we can capitalize on the opportunity Facebook presents, since high

Big Brand Theory: The Expanding Universe Of Online

In his June post of MediaPost’s Online Metrics Insider, Stephen Dimarco gives insight into online branding, exploring what he learned from major brands Kodak, Alaska Airlines, T-Mobile, Microsoft and Proctor & Gamble. Dimarco breaks down the fundamentals of developing online branding, furthering our knowledge of steps necessary to measure our successes. He highlights the five key points he believes drive successful online branding: taking risks, creating a personal experience for