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Sunday Series: Fashion Flop–No Spike for Spring Apparel

Spring fashion wasn’t on American’s minds any more or less in April than in March. Monthly traffic to apparel websites grew less than a quarter of a percent in April, with 70.8 million Unique Visitors (UVs). What sites did receive more attention as the weather got warmer? Below are ten apparel fast movers, each of which offers different products. Not surprisingly, Izi Dresses and Rent the Runway benefitted from both prom and wedding season.

Searching for Style: Where to Turn for Spring 2012 Fashion Trends

Image from: Glamour Color blocking. Bright colors. Bold prints. The weather is heating up here in Boston and it has got me thinking that it is time to put away my winter clothing and has me itching to buy some new things for Spring. But what should I look for? I decided to check the Compete.com data to see which sites people are turning to learn about the new trends