Should GoDaddy say uncle?

Image from: Edw / Shutterstock Known for their overtly sexual advertisements, an elephant-hunting CEO, and supporting questionable Internet legislation, domain registrar has been in the news lately more than ever. Even after completely reversing their stance on the controversial SOPA legislation that got put to rest late last week, GoDaddy has been suffering from an influx of lost customers and bad publicity. I decided to check out the data

Megavideo is Down… is Online Piracy Adrift?

Image from: Kletr / Shutterstock This post was co-authored by Trevor Morgan. The FBI shutdown of on January 19th combined with national interest in SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) has pushed online piracy directly into the media spotlight. This prompts the question, what is the current state of the online piracy landscape and what repercussions can we expect in light of these events? The online

A World without Wikipedia

Image from: Gayvoronskaya_yana / Shutterstock During the SOPA and PIPA protests last Wednesday, we got a glimpse of an alternative universe:  A world without Wikipedia. Granted, there were ways around Wikipedia’s blockade.  And granted, Wikipedia’s site had a strong message on it that probably affected Internet behavior unto itself. That is, many visitors to Wikipedia’s site probably turned to news sources to learn more about why their encyclopedia was unavailable.

The Weekly Compete Pulse

It has been a busy week for the Internet. On Wednesday, many sites shut down in protest of the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and our social net work feeds were flooded with people protesting the proposed legislation. In fact, according to Mashable more than 2.4 million tweets were sent out on Wednesday, in protest of SOPA and PIPA.  The online community rejoiced Friday, when SOPA was thrown out. This mass

Get Smart About Content: Louis C.K.’s DIY Video is No Joke

Image from: LouisCK Every good marketer knows that although content is king, the means by which people produce and consume that content are constantly changing, and no one understands the changing face of content like the entertainment industry. One of the most prolific comedians of his time, Louis C.K. has been innovating with his content for years. Most recently, he released his fourth stand-up special, Live at the Beacon Theater.