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Socialcam vs Viddy

If  you’re ever on Facebook (and who isn’t?), you’ve probably noticed new social video applications popping up over the past month – Socialcam and Viddy. Many are describing the applications as an Instagram for videos, as you can record a brief moment of your life, add an artistic filter, and share it socially. Now I’m not a big fan of applications that require you to share your personal information in

Visual Tech-Crush Boasts Strong Numbers Out of the Gate

There has been a recent proliferation of socially oriented start-ups with an interest in sharing data amongst pre-existing networks. While not all of these web start-ups will attain success, I have a serious crush on one such start-up which is eye-candy-centric and has managed to harness long tail keywords through their user generated content. Long tail keyword strategies make websites more SEO friendly, while this approach is a no-brainer to

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Hopefully wherever you are this weekend, the weather is nice so you can enjoy the holiday. If you’re stuck inside though, check out these links to some of this week’s news articles that we read and found interesting for online marketers. QR Codes are becoming increasingly more popular in marketing, but using them effectively and actually learning something from them is still challenging: How To Capture Powerful Insights from Retail

Reddit drinks Digg’s milkshake

We could hardly tear ourselves away last week from the drama that became of two of the largest social-news websites on the Internet. For the better part of a day, users unhappy with version 4 of Digg posted a barrage of links from Reddit’s site onto Digg’s homepage. The result increased Reddit’s traffic causing extra demand on their servers. Reddit gladly stepped up to the sizable increase in daily traffic