Tweets and Their Influence on Online Shopping

Image from: Twitter / Shutterstock During the several week lull that is mercifully located between the busy Back-To-School shopping season and the even busier Holiday shopping season, Compete and Twitter worked together to understand the impact that Tweets posted by retail companies have on the consumers who see them.  Specifically, we wanted to know whether Tweets influence consumer behavior; are people exposed to a retailer Tweet more likely to visit

The Compete Weekly Pulse

Let me just start out this week’s Compete Pulse with a huge congratulations to Mike Ricciardelli, who won our ‘Compete Success Stories’ contest earlier this week with his fabulous entry of how he was able to use Compete PRO to beat out the competition. All of the entries were truly incredible for us to read and we couldn’t be happier with the outpouring of positivity from clients! If you use

Reddit drinks Digg’s milkshake

We could hardly tear ourselves away last week from the drama that became of two of the largest social-news websites on the Internet. For the better part of a day, users unhappy with version 4 of Digg posted a barrage of links from Reddit’s site onto Digg’s homepage. The result increased Reddit’s traffic causing extra demand on their servers. Reddit gladly stepped up to the sizable increase in daily traffic