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The Compete Weekly Pulse

We hope everyone celebrating had a great Thanksgiving, and a productive (and safe!) Black Friday! Over the last week we announced a brand new bevy of research we’ve been working on with Twitter, looking at how Tweets influence online shopping. The pertinence is obvious; holiday shopping is here. We’re in the midsts of it. Knowing which strings to pluck is essential in maximizing holiday-timed campaigns. For instance, did you know

5 Things Every Marketer Should Know About The Consumer Path to Purchase

Image from: Online Purchase / Shutterstock The introduction of new devices, platforms, content and all around new ways to engage consumers has fundamentally changed the way consumers build relationships with and become customers of brands. In order to meaningfully engage with consumers at moments when they are most receptive to brand messaging, understanding the consumer’s path to purchase has become a need to know rather than a nice to know.

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Whew! You’ve made it through the work week. Does this mean a weekend of back to school shopping for your kids, catching up on housework and lawn maintenance, or heading out of town for some more summer adventures? One thing you certainly should take the time to schedule in is this collection of articles we’ve found tailored to online marketers. Oh and for those of you looking ahead for next