Sunday Series: Ski Slopes…Slope Up and Down with the Seasons

Nearly every online market share metric begins to increase from October- as the weather gets colder and the start of ski season approaches- until December.

Sunday Series: Fastest Growing Ski and Snowboard Sites

Image from: ski / Shutterstock This week, we compiled a list of the top growing sites for Ski and Snowboard enthusiasts in January. The category had over 3.3 million Unique Visitors, though down 20% from December. The snow sport seems to be increasing in popularity–traffic to the sites increased 7.39% over the past year. Northeastern mountains got the most attention, with claiming the top spot.

A Mild Winter Brings Fewer Searches

Image from: ghido / Shutterstock For most parts of the country, this winter has been relatively snow-free.  Here in Boston, we only had 6.8 inches of snow this January—compared to a whopping 60.8 inches last year. Many people are enjoying the break from harsh winter weather, happy to leave their heavy coats and boots at home. However, others are bemoaning the lack of snow, waiting for that one storm that