Did Sephora’s 15 Days of Thrills Increase Traffic?

Image from: daniel4d Beauty junkies beware: Sephora’s got a brand new website and has just wrapped up a killer campaign to show it off. Back in April, Sephora completely redesigned their website, and although traffic slightly decreased in April due to mixed reviews from visitors, Gizmodo proclaimes their new site to have the best-organized search for beauty products on the web. Sephora’s new site is a force to be reckoned

Referral Analytics We Don't Just Make-up

A week after Compete’s release of new the Referral Analytics tool, the internet market continues to buzz with excitement over the latest features and capabilities. The new tool was released in tandem with Compete’s May data, unleashing valuable information that more accurately reflects site traffic and total visits. Through the referral analytics tool, a site owner can delve into the channel map (below) which shows percent visits from the various