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What Can We Uncover in the Edward Snowden Story When Looking at Search Referral Data?

If you have been following current events at all in the past two months, chances are that the name Edward Snowden has come up at least a dozen times. Solidifying himself as one of the most significant whistle blowers in recent history, his name has become synonymous with privacy and Internet freedom, and has helped to bring the debate of the two under the global spotlight.

Gulf Media Attention Spills Out Weekly

Since it began on April 20th, the tragic Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill has consistently made headlines each week. Whether it is an updated prognosis on the effects of the spill or another failed containment attempt, the media has reserved front-page real estate for the BP spill. On May 11th Compete wrote about the effects of the spill on the reach of target sites, but is the general public still interested?