Sunday Series: Textbook Sales Helping to Save Book Category

This summer has been rough to the book industry. After a two-year low in June and a slight recovery during July, the start of the school year is finally getting the category back to it’s normal levels. Although the 15% month over month (MoM) increase in traffic seems high, it still lower than last year’s 23% July to August MoM increase.

How End of the Semester Insanity Plays Out Online

Image from: Student Image / Shutterstock It’s that time of year again; the dust is finally settling as the semester has come to an end and students can breathe a sigh of relief. In fact, I noticed that “gpa calculator” was a popular search term this morning according to Google Trends. On Sunday, we dedicated our Sunday Series to taking a look at websites with high increases in monthly visitors

Sunday Series: Fast Movers in Student Resources

Image from: Graduation Image / Shutterstock In honor of the many students graduating this weekend, we decided that this week’s edition of the Sunday Series should be a look at sites with a high monthly increase in Unique Visitors from the Student Resources category. Congrats grads!

Bullying on the Cyber Playground

Image from: Philippe GIRAUD / Shutterstock Between Lady Gaga songs, slushies on Glee and “It Gets Better” YouTube videos cyber bullying is on the rise. As kids continue to become more tech savvy and are further introduced to social sites, bullying is no longer just happening on the playground, but all over the web. I decided to look at to see how aware people are in regards to cyber