Essentials for PR Success: You Need a Story

Last week at the Advertising Club of NYC, special guest Sloane Humphrey, President of Powell Communications, came in to share some insight on what she refers to as “storytelling” through the lens of public relations. Powell Communications is a B2B PR firm that works with advertising, marketing, education and technology companies.

Competitive Intelligence for PR Part 2: Optimize Content with Search Data

In Part One of the Competitive Intelligence for PR series, we discussed finding strategic, engaging sites to pursue. The question then becomes, once you know where to pitch, how do you do it as effectively as possible? Are the keywords/content in line with what your client wants lift for? Search referrals hone in on the right keywords: Keyword reports allow you to view the search terms driving traffic to a…

Beyonce’s Baby Bump Online

The VMAs were a little different this year. The red carpet was black and there wasn’t a host! So who was there to pull the show together? Who did we look to as the leader of the VMAs and who were we thinking about when the show ended? It wasn’t Boy Gaga It wasn’t Lil Why-aren’t-you-paying-attention-to-my-CD that drops tomorrow? It was Beyonce’s and her Baby. Each artist takes the VMAs

The Weekly Compete Pulse

April showers bring May flowers, and one last Weekly Pulse before May begins. Check out these links to some of this week’s news articles that we read and found interesting for online marketers. If you manage the Twitter account for company, it can be tough to keep it interesting all the time. Luckily, Mashable gives some great tips to spice it up a little bit: 5 Quick Ways to Liven

Kenneth Cole-y Moley

Holy Moly, Kenneth Cole-y. The tweet heard ’round the world yesterday was the Kenneth Cole PR nightmare that has, in my eyes, removed Kenneth Cole, and possibly the brand, from the hearts of many. Even my blackberry thinks Kenneth Cole is a joke-as I was writing this blog post on the way into the office, it kept autocorrecting “Kenneth Cole” to “Kenneth Coleslaw.” The @KennethColePR twitter account takes the cake