Pottery Barn

Is Pottery Barn’s Paid Search Actually Paying Off?

­­ Image from: Pottery Barn Store Front / The Frosting Top I’m a careful shopper. I just am. Before I make any large purchases I have the tendency to turn to online search to assist me with finding what I’m looking for more efficiently. Recently, I have been searching for room décor and accessories and I consistently noticed Potterybarn.com at the top of my search results page. Wondering about Pottery

The Catalog Conundrum: Seasonal Versus Yearly Mailers

I remember as a child pondering the question of at what point does one become a “grown up”. Now that I am approaching my mid-twenties I can take a stab at answering. It happened to me when I realized that whenever I entered any major department store I was drawn to the kitchen section. I no longer went directly to the electronics, music, or video sections. Instead I found myself