With a Billion Dollars, Why Can’t Instagram Make a Better Site?

tanuha2001 / Back in April we wrote about how Facebook’s “mini” purchase of photo-sharing app Instagram might not end well for the San Francisco start-up. Based on Facebook’s purchase history, most start-ups didn’t last much longer after the big buy out. And while the Rich Kids of Instagram aren’t protesting, we figured it was high time to see how Instagram was performing on the web. Looking at we

Sunday Series: Where Are People Sharing All Those Summer Photos?

Image from: Summer Photo / Shutterstock What do people do in the summer? They take pictures of themselves. That’s what. At the beach, eating ice cream, at theme parks, going for hikes. And what do people do with these photos? Print them out and hide them in scrapbooks? Maybe some do, but for the most part photos have gone digital, and with that has come the human propensity to share

Sunday Series: Photo Sharing

Image from: Photo Image / Shutterstock Happy Memorial Day weekend! This week for our Sunday Series we’ve got 10 photo sharing sites with large monthly increases in unique visitors.

Homemade Holiday Gifts in the 21st Century

For the first time in my life, I was able to create a homemade gift that generated more compliments than jokes about my lack of artistic abilities – and I don’t think I’m alone. My wife and I were looking at the hundreds of pictures from our recent wedding and found ourselves re-hashing so many stories and laughs with each photo. We decided we should do something with the photos