With a Billion Dollars, Why Can’t Instagram Make a Better Site?

tanuha2001 / Back in April we wrote about how Facebook’s “mini” purchase of photo-sharing app Instagram might not end well for the San Francisco start-up. Based on Facebook’s purchase history, most start-ups didn’t last much longer after the big buy out. And while the Rich Kids of Instagram aren’t protesting, we figured it was high time to see how Instagram was performing on the web. Looking at we

Rest in Peace Picnik

Image from: Silicon Angle Back in January, Google announced that they would be pulling the plug on their photo editing site, Picnik, and sadly for some, that day has arrived. According to Google, Picnik was among a list of products that failed to achieve “the promise we had hoped for or can’t be properly integrated into the overall Google experience.” Prior to this announcement I hadn’t though of Picnik since

Instagram vs. Picplz – The Tale of Two Photo Apps

Image from: Camera Image / Shutterstock As everyone on the planet is now aware, Instagram, the mobile photo-app of choice among hipsters, is going to be acquired by Facebook  for a magical $1 billion. The world of consumer apps is tough – how many other photo apps are out there that had close to the same functionality but yet didn’t take off like Instagram did?  In the case of Instagram,