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Sunday Series: Where Are People Sharing All Those Summer Photos?

Image from: Summer Photo / Shutterstock What do people do in the summer? They take pictures of themselves. That’s what. At the beach, eating ice cream, at theme parks, going for hikes. And what do people do with these photos? Print them out and hide them in scrapbooks? Maybe some do, but for the most part photos have gone digital, and with that has come the human propensity to share

Photo Op

Tis the season for your photo to be printed on everything from a card to a calendar to a mug and dispersed to loved ones across the globe. Reflecting the rest of the retail market, the online photo services market garners much of its traffic and revenues in the last quarter of the year.  Shutterfly for example, reported 50% of its annual earnings in Q4 2008 alone. A snapshot of