Sunday Series: Football Category Continues to Win Big

We’ve done a post on how teams were performing before pre-season, we’ve done a post on how teams were doing during pre-season, so of course we must do a post now that the season is fully underway.

Sunday Series: Football Category Scores as Season Begins

Making the fast mover list before the pre-season began, the Football category was bound to move to the top of the list in August. Yes, football season has started and with it the flood of traffic to the various football oriented sites.

You Could Buy a Lot of Beer for the Price of One Big Game Commercial

Football fan or not, people get excited for the Big Game. It could be the snacks, the actual game or the commercials, but a record number of viewers are expected to tune into Fox and watch the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers face off on Sunday. Given my marketing background, I’m in it for the commercials. Looking back at last year, two, very funny ads caught my eye. Check