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Is E-Commerce Too Big an Investment for Mass Retailers?

Image from: Nordstrom Anniversary Logo / Nordstrom is currently in the middle of their annual anniversary sale running July 20th through August 6th. No stranger to the sale store front, they promote five big sales a year. With a big push financially to drive their online sales this year, I decided to see if their e-commerce efforts have paid off so far in terms of driving traffic to the

Digressing to Discounts: Digging for Deals Online

Image from: Discount Shopping Online / Shutterstock With school right around the corner, I have found myself shopping for the best deals around. Whether I’m looking for furniture, books, or nearby deals, discounts are always on my mind. With that being said, I was curious as to see as to what types of discounts consumers alike are looking for. When I did a broad keyword search for the word discount

The Impact of the Mobile Shopper

This white paper explores the continued evolution of the online shopper and the impact of the mobile shopper. Currently, consumers conduct 11% of their online shopping on mobile devices. As mobile phones and tablets become more prevalent, consumers will continue to shift their online shopping from PCs to mobile devices. Included in this whitepaper are some tips and recommendations to help retailers and brands prepare for the shift into m-commerce. Download the free e-book and learn:

Ebates: A Rising Star in the Coupon and Bargain Space

Image from: Frugal Living When I first heard of, I was skeptical. I thought to myself, “it pays to shop, really?!” Well the joke was pleasantly on me when I received my first check. After all, although a business model where an affiliate shares profits with customers as an incentive isn’t the most intuitive, it makes sense. Given that I’ve been hearing quite a bit of positive buzz about Ebates from friends and

With the Launch of its New Web Store, Could The Fancy Overtake Pinterest?

Image from: Meme Creator If you spend anytime on the Internet at all, you’ve surely heard of Pinterest. In fact, we’ve blogged about Pinterest before. We blogged about the demographics of the site’s users last May, and we have since discussed Pinterest’s business implications, from the way the site affects retailers to its use of affiliate links. Well, it looks like Pinterest may have some competition in The Fancy, a

3 Key Trends: 2011 Holiday Shopping Recap

Image from: Tatiana Popova / Shutterstock A few weeks ago, we wrote about our Webinar that highlighted shopping trends during the 2011 Holiday Season. Recently, our retail and consumer products senior associate, Debra Arbesman talked to the people at Monetate about some of the trends in the 2011 Holiday Season. This past year, online shopping on promotional days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday increased 20% year-over-year. Debra identifies three key

Visits to Online Retailer Sites Up 20M Visits Last Week

Online retailers continued doing a break business last week.  Total visits to online retailers climbed to 662M total visits; up 20M visits from the same week in 2010. Last week’s increase is the latest in a series of banner weeks for the online retail industry as consumers signal their desire to trade in their cars for laptops to shop for gifts. The big winners continue to be mass merchants and

When it Comes to a Sweater, Ugly is Better

The ugly sweater… a Christmas tradition as old as Saint Nicholas himself.  Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true, but the fad of donning an ugly holiday-themed sweater at venues ranging from college parties to family gatherings (although maybe your Uncle Bill isn’t wearing that sweater ironically, but still) has become increasingly popular in recent years.  Now some naysayers might call into question such a drastically bold and controversial claim.  To

Last Minute Shoppers Take to the Web

Image from: RT Design Studio via Shutterstock Christmas is this Sunday, which means stores are hopping with last minute shoppers trying to check their final few items off their Holiday shopping lists.  As of December 11, more than half of consumers had finished more than 75-percent of their Holiday shopping, but surprisingly, 1 out of 10 had not even begun! Compared to shopping the week prior, Toys and Games were

The Top 10 Elves of Online Shopping

Image from: Lasse Kristensen via Shutterstock Are you behind on your holiday shopping? You aren’t alone! As of December 4th, 21% of shoppers surveyed had completed only 10% or less of their holiday shopping. Whether you are in a pinch for time or just have no idea what to get your brother, best friend, or niece, it’s common to seek the Internet for suggestions. If you are a retailer, it’s

Holiday 2011: Slow Shopping and Low Cyber Monday Impact

Image from: pzRomashka via Shutterstock One way of telling that December is here is just by looking at the full mall parking lots. With only a few weeks left to find the perfect presents, wrap them up nicely and then have others tear them open, people have been shopping away. As of December 4, over a quarter of consumers have finished more than 75 percent of their holiday shopping. However,