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The Sweet Smell of Sunscreen

I can always tell summer is coming by the way New York City smells.  There is nothing quite like ‘eau de Hot NY’ – walking outside you are immediately hit with top notes of black garbage bags soaking up summer heat and stagnant disease-festering water that evolves in the subway to expose a ripe middle of sweaty bodies and unwashed feet.  As your nose becomes accustomed to this assault however,

Facebook, Fans and Friends: Are You Cashing In?

In the month of January, hosted approximately 127,510,914 unique visitors (UVs). Of the 127.5 million UVs, just over 75 million (58.9 percent) became a fan of a page during January. Let’s pause for a moment and consider that. In January alone, just under half of Facebook’s uniques became a fan of a page. Seventy five million fans means 75 million potential consumer connections for marketers to target. And don’t

Digital CMO Series: Dynamic Logic and Compete

Bit by bit, marketers have warmed to online media for branding. Many have proven their success using the pre-internet metrics, while others applying traditional units like GRPs to measure the media itself. So, is it time to kick online response metrics to the curb? Not so fast. Disavowing “response metrics” assumes a dichotomy that leads to bad decisions. If one brand metric can help explain another, then measuring shifts in