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August Data Is Now LIVE at Compete!

Image from: Sprinter / Shutterstock.com Can you hear it? Can you hear the roar and shift of online traffic as the seasons change? Because we totally can. August data is now LIVE at Compete! The return of American football take the number one spot with over a 150% growth since July. Then, the Mars Curiosity Rover lends a stellar bump to Nasa.gov. Not surprisingly, the summer Olympics secured a spot in the top ten, along

Gearing Up For The 2012 Olympics: What Are You Excited For?

Image from: Olympics Image / Shutterstock With opening ceremonies just 58 days away, excitement for the summer Olympics was in full swing as the Torch Relay began last weekend. I wanted to see which events are drawing the biggest crowd, so I checked the search referrals to the london2012.com (click to enlarge). Surprisingly, there is no specific event was mentioned until the 22nd search referral, “when does the 2012 gymnastics