Should Livestrong sever ties with the Lance Armstrong brand?

Image from: elcerebrohabla Does the Livestrong Foundation need to further re-brand themselves in the wake of Lance Armstrong’s confession to using performance enhancing drugs? Trust is a necessary component of building a strong brand, and the scandal has tarnished it. Non-profits do not have a product, only a compelling mission which must bring in donations. The Livestrong Foundation has made critical strives to protect their brand. First, it has expanded

Sunday Series: The Season of Giving

Friends and family gather around the table each November to count their blessings. Thanksgiving inspires people to give back what they can, and the internet makes it easier to contribute to the cause closest to a person’s heart–regardless of their location. It can be difficult for a person to choose who will receive their money, with so many organizations soliciting donations at this time of year. Americans gave their money to

Can Offline Engagement Drive Online Change?

Image from: jcjgphotography / Shutterstock This post was co-authored by Ifdy Perez, Community Manager @Razoo Online transactions are on the rise and from online bill pay to credit card applications, supporting non-profits, charities and fundraising are becoming easier with As a social philanthropist site, provides a platform for people to raise and support funds for various charities and non-profits. In order to empower users with tools that’ll help

Komen Aborts Decision to Defund Planned Parenthood

Image from: Africa Studio / Shutterstock You’ve undoubtedly heard the controversy this week about the nation’s largest breast cancer awareness charity, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, deciding to cut ties with health services organization Planned Parenthood. Supposedly based on a recent government investigation of Planned Parenthood, the Komen organization decided to halt their sizable donations to the family planning non-profit. As of this morning, however, Komen decided to flip

Movember Grows More Than Just Mustaches

There’s been a lot of talk lately in my social media circle about the idea of social media for social change. How can we activate a community or network to support a cause? With all the charities and causes out there, how do we choose one? How do we spread information about our cause? I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I do have a cause that I’m passionate