Nexus One – What’s Next?

I don’t think it’s any secret that Google typically makes terrific business decisions, as you don’t become a Top 200 Global Company without doing so.  I have to admit though, there’s one aspect of Google that has left me scratching my head just a little bit.  Just over one year ago, in January 2010, Google released its new cell phone the Nexus One (good decision), and simultaneously announced it would

The Nexus One — Google’s Next (But Likely Not Final) Frontier

CES 2010 has come and gone, but perhaps the biggest consumer technology announcement that week came before CES even kicked off, with the announcement of Google’s Nexus One on January 5th. This new device ensured that the Google brand would be in the CES news coverage all week long.  Nice job grabbing some attention early! However, not all of the initial news was promising for Google and the Nexus One. 

The App War is Brewing: What Google’s Nexus One Really Means

Compete will be at CES 2010 sharing additional and complementary data to what you’ll read below. If you would like to set up a meeting with Compete to discuss, please email Danielle Nohe at or Greg Carter at Google announced its mobile phone, the Nexus One, on Tuesday, December 15th and as one website put it "the world went crazy". The industry is all abuzz talking about what