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The Weekly Compete Pulse

Welcome back! This first week back after New Years has been full of reflecting on 2011 and making resolutions and predictions for 2012. What are some of your most memorable moments from 2011? Looking back, BostInno discusses the impact of free products from PR companies: Will Blog for Food…or Maybe Not. How Freebies Have Changed the Blogging Landscape. Going forward, what are some of the New Years resolutions that you made this

The Weekly Compete Pulse

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It’s know it’s hard to believe ladies and gentlemen, but the ball will drop tonight signifying yet another miraculous year has passed us. What are your favorite memories? If you haven’t already, check out this Google Zeitgeist video which portrays 2011 through Google searches & maps: Zeitgeist: 2011 Year in Review Also, for a recap of Compete’s top blog posts in 2011 check out: 11 Defining Digital

The Biggest Gainer: 2012 Gym Websites

Image from: Stuart Jenner / Shutterstock We’re all guilty of that new years resolution we don’t keep. Perhaps the most common resolution with the worst reputation is to get in shape and spend “___ amount of days” in the gym every week. It’s the reason why every gym across the states is packed on January 1st and regains complete normalcy only a few weeks later.  Funny enough, online traffic often