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March Madness: Can Your Bracket Slam Dunk on Twitter?

With March Madness starting I decided I wanted to get in on the excitement and create my own bracket. So, instead of picking my team based on stats and rankings I decided to create my 2012 March Madness Bracket based on which schools had the best Twitter presence. This leaves me betting on Florida vs. Kansas … we’ll see how social plays out. Florida @GatorZoneNews: Followers: 42,997 Following: 182 Tweets:

March Madness Goes Online

March might be my favorite month:  The first day of spring, baseball’s spring training, meaningful NBA games, and *VERY* meaningful NCAA games. Even more so than the Super Bowl, March Madness excites people of all walks.  People who you never heard mutter anything about sports, other than the color of their "outfits" or uniforms seem to enter a pool and fill out a bracket with their picks.  Often times some