No Swan Song for Vinyl

Perhaps older technologies, like vinyls, that we may consider obsolete by today’s standards have value that can be realized again by newer tech platforms.

Sunday Series: Battle of the Lyrics

For this Sunday Series, we will examine the music category turning our attention towards two, heavyweight websites devoted to lyrics.

When a Pivot Goes Well: Taking a Look at MySpace’s Recent Comeback

Adapting to the changing market and adjusting your business model is an essential part of surviving in the fast-paced world that is the tech industry. Sites that are giants today can quickly become irrelevant in only a few years – even worse, synonymous with that notion. Just ask Myspace or Digg.

Sunday Series – Music Top Movers

Image from: Music Image / Shutterstock For this week’s installation of our Sunday Series, we have 10 websites that saw big increases in monthly Unique Visitors during the month of April from the “Music” category.

Internet Music – How Are You Listening?

Image from: Music Image / Shutterstock The music industry has dramatically changed. Innovation in Internet technology is the primary instigator of this change, because people have the ability to listen freely to their favorite beats. Platforms like iTunes (not free), RDIO, and Pandora are ushering in waves of creative applications that cater to every need of their consumers. Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster, would obviously argue that the Internet and music industries

Madonna Fans: Have You Heard of

Image from: Amazon Today marks the launch of Madonna’s new album, “MDNA”, and the artist is taking to social media to generate buzz. Yesterday, Madge teamed up with Jimmy Fallon and hosted a live Facebook chat with fans to answer question about her latest album and this evening Madonna will send her first tweet in a Twitter chat with her followers, all about “MDNA.” What is perhaps most notable about

What are Musicians Searching for After the Holiday Rush?

Image from: Semisatch / Shutterstock Let’s face it, if you are a musician finding great gear is an uphill battle.  There is almost an art to finding music instruments and accessories that have just the right affordability and quality to meet each buyer’s personal needs.  This constant search for the better and more exciting instrumentation is part of every musician’s life.  So, naturally there are a lot of users out

Grammy Recap: Award Winning Surge in Traffic

Image from: Huffington Post Winning a Grammy Award is obviously an incredible honor for any recording artist. The award comes with lots of bragging rights and more importantly, lots of attention. I decided to check the data from to see how wining a Grammy affected site traffic for a few of the winners. Adele Adele cleaned up at the Grammy’s this year; The British-born artist won every single category

Looking Outside Your Industry for Interesting Traffic Insights

And on the seventh day, Pandora rested. When looking for something interesting to blog about I typically take an industry that’s on my mind and explore a variety of ways of looking at sites within that category through the analytics tools over at Today it was streaming music sites.  While I was comparing the category to see if anything interesting popped up, I noticed something interesting: saw significant

The New Music Landscape

It’s no secret that the music industry has undergone massive changes over the last ten to fifteen years. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, total US music sales have dropped an average of 8% each year since 1999, from $14.6 billion to just over $6 billion. Having heard this, you probably wouldn’t expect that in the first half of 2011, US sales are up by 1%. Okay, so

See If I Spotify When I Return to the States

I’m living in sunny Nice, France for five weeks this summer in order to take a couple sociology classes through Northeastern University. While the beach has been fun, and the French folk friendly, there are a few things from home I missed when I first came here. Video streaming sites Hulu and Netflix definitely topped the list, but I was really excited to have access to one streaming service I