June Top 50: Movies and Media Make Their Mark

Movies and Media Make their mark in June. Find out which sites finished in the top 50, and some trends to takeaway from the month…

Movie-Going Decline: Challenge or Opportunity for Theaters?

Movie theaters and online ticketing sites have been forced to find creative ways to reach and convert consumers online. Why? Well, for the overall American population, going out to the movies has dropped lower and lower on the priority list.

Do Silver Screen Titles Lead To On Site Success?

A movie theater is a great place to cool off from the heat and enjoy a box office hit. So what new summer releases are driving traffic to the movie site Using Compete data, I looked at the top daily search referrals and found that many newly released movie titles are driving traffic.

Sunday Series: Top Movie Sites in Oscar Season

In the wake of the Academy Awards at the end of February, I thought movie sites would have an interesting top movers list. I was surprised that the category as a whole had 9% less Unique Visitors than January–though still a sizable amount of traffic with nearly 59 million UVs. Neither Oscars or Academy Awards appeared on the top 100 list of keyword referrals.

Sunday Series: Which Movie Sites Saw Growth in November?

Image from: Film Reel / Shutterstock I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite components of the holiday season is finally finding the time to see all those movies I’ve been missing. This week’s Sunday Series features a ranking of the top movie sites (based on UVs), ordered by their month-over-month growth. As you can see, the film ‘Rise of the Guardians’ showed an astronomical growth since last

Sunday Series: Which Summer Blockbusters Busted Blocks Online?

Image from: Wimp Yourself! / How ’bout those summer blockbusters, eh? We’ve seen some spectacular films this summer, but which movie sites have seen the most growth? I looks like drama has no place in attracting the most online growth, as not one of the ranked sites represents a film that has a somber tone. Could this mean that more mature movies don’t attract as much attention online? Is

Prometheus Appeals to Sci-Fi Fans Both Young and Old

Image from: daniel4d If you’re anything like me, you’ve been anxiously awaiting Prometheus as one of this summer’s most epic movies.  Also, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been watching Alien on repeat in anticipation.  Why Alien, you ask?  For one, Prometheus marks Alien director Ridley Scott’s return to sci-fi after 30 years of making more terrestrial but equally entertaining movies such as Gladiator and Black Hawk Down. Even more

Entertainment junkies flock to Ticketmaster, Fandango and StubHub

Image from: Ticket Image / Shutterstock With the summer concert season upon us, and lots of great shows coming to Compete HQ’s hometown of Boston in the next few months, there’s a ton of buzz online about the best shows, and the best venues.  I wouldn’t mind checking out some of my favorite artists this summer, and maybe catch a Sox game or two.  Where does a fan go if

Will The Force Be With All Of The Star Wars 3-D Re-Releases?

Image from: Emerson College ECommunication Thoughts Tomorrow is one of the most important days in my young life. Star Wars turns 35. Let that sink in for a minute. It’s been 35 incredible years since those genius yellow words of sci-fi storytelling scrolled across screens around the country and inspired the world. The franchise that has had one of the most significant impacts on American pop culture has held its

The Dark Knight Has Risen Thanks to Cryptic Viral Marketing

Image from: As the weather warms up (or if you’ve been in the northeast lately, cools off and rains), we can’t help but think about the awesome movies that Hollywood will be putting out this summer. Two of the most anticipated films this year, The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers, are set to be released soon (Avengers tomorrow and Rises in July), and both have drummed up buzz

Think Like a Man Beats Out The Hunger Games at the Box Office and Online

Image from: Just Flick A few weeks ago we wrote about how The Hunger Games was exploding online; the official movie website saw a huge increase in traffic, and the movie even showed up as a search referral to Then this morning, reports came in that Think Like a Man, a movie based off of Steve Harvey’s best selling book, had beat out The Hunger Games in the box