Sunday Series: Lottery Sites Finish Strong With Summer’s End

August was an excellent month for all things lottery. The category as a whole saw a 22% increase in unique visitors (UVs) to 32.7 million following the impressive July to August month-over-month (MoM) growth of 68%. As you might be able to guess, direct traffic does make up a large amount of the sites traffic.

After Mega Millions, Will We Ever Play the Lottery Again?

Image from: Inquisitr Can you imagine what it would be like to win the lottery? A few weeks ago Mega Millions was all over the news and we fantasized about what it would have been like to win the $640 million jackpot. Now that the Mega Millions hype has died down, Power Ball is getting more attention as we receive reports of big winnings, and even a story about one woman who won twice…in

March 2012 Fast Movers

Image from: March Madness Image / Shutterstock Below are 10 sites that saw rapid growth of  Unique Visitors in March. All of the excitement around March Madness drove to the top of the list with a 816.96% increase. All of the Mega Millions lottery hype also drove a ton of traffic to the Mega Millions site with a 503.51% increase.

Mega Millions Mania: Dreamers Seek the Internet

Image from: Lottery Ticket Image / Shutterstock Hey, it could have happened. It was a pleasant Friday dream. Now, back to the dullness of a regular-salary, four cups of coffee-or-else Monday morning, and I’m stuck writing this blog post. The know-it-alls, professionally known as statisticians, weren’t lying after all. Winning the world record $640 million jackpot is less probable than setting your own world record.  According to the LA Times,