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Bitly Alternatives – Which Are Most The Popular?

Image from: Last week, link shortening service Bitly announced a slew of changes to their service; They launched “bitmarks,” w a way to bookmark links, a brand new iPhone app as well as a completely redesigned site. However, some of Bitly’s users haven’t been thrilled with the site’s update, so The New Web put together a list of 9 alternatives to Bitly to fulfill all of your link shortening

Is Short the New Black?

In light of fashion week, I thought I’d explore the prevalent use of proprietary url shorteners by the major social media and search providers. If you’re new to the conversation on url shortenters you can get the low-down from Mashable here: Let’s ask the question: “Why reinvent the wheel?” Ultimately, large social media and search companies are all working toward being able to measure the sharing that happens across