Sunday Series: Cookies, Crafting, and Kraft in the Cooking Category

Image from: Cookies / Shutterstock This weeks Sunday Series is all about cooking! In the holiday spirit, we pulled a list of the fastest growing cooking sites in the month of November. First and foremost, let’s just acknowledge that landed the number spot as the fastest grower. In November. A bit preemptive, but so what? The second insight I noticed was that, for the most part, these sites are similar

Pinning Down the Impact of Pinterest

Image from: Pinterest Pinterest’s rapid ascent in traffic growth has sent marketers scrambling to understand the impact the site is having on its brand.   To put the growth in context, Pinterest has grown from 700K to almost 20M unique visitors in the last year – or about half the number of Twitter’s unique visitors. The surge in Pinterest traffic has gotten the attention of brand marketers who need to understand

Cream Cheese Tops the Charts for Kraft

Image from: Cheese Cake Image / Shutterstock I was hosting a lunch for friends the other week and I wanted to make cheese cake for dessert.  Like whenever I am in the need for a new recipe, I took to the internet.  Among the usual recipe sites that appeared in the results, the Philadelphia cream cheese page popped up.  Intrigued, I did a little research to see how successful Kraft