July Data is Now Live – MacRumors, Zack Brown’s Potato Salad, and More

Summer’s quickly coming to a close, but there’s still time left to enjoy some family time and maybe a few more cookouts before it does. Jumping into July’s fast movers, regular cookout feature, potato salad, made a splash on in July.

Comparing Conversion Rates of Crowdfunding Pioneers

When Warner Bros decided not to fund Rob Thomas’s feature film for the now cancelled TV series Veronica Mars, he looked to Kickstarter – and the Kickstarter community responded. Reaching $2 million dollars in less than ten hours, Veronica Mars broke multiple records, gathered the attention of the industry, and had people seriously recondsidering the legitimacy of crowdfunding. Today, the top five projects combined have received over $32 million dollars in funding.

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Here’s a round up of our favorite digital marketing stories from the web this week: Google to encrypt all searches, brands are finally leveraging crowdfunding sites, how SEO and social media can synergize, and when you should kill an innovative idea.

Kickstarter Kicking Butt: Funding Platform Sees Record High Traffic

Image from: Gigaom Yesterday, I read an article where the guys over at The Next Web calculated that Kickstarter raised over $119 million in the last year. Holy cow, that is more than three times the amount they raised in company’s first two years of existence! Since we know that Kickstarter takes 5% of money earned, the company has made just  under $6 million since last April. So where did all of

Does Crowdfunding Drive Traffic?

Image from: Markus Gann / Shutterstock Crowdfunding is quickly becoming a new trend especially in the online space. With websites like, and creative projects are being supported and funded by people on the web. With even more ways to fund creative projects I looked at to see which website sees highest traffic. Looking at we can see that has over 700,000 Unique Visitors and