Kentucky Derby

Off to the Races! A Look Into The Kentucky Derby

Image from: Kentucky Derby Image / Shutterstock Mint Juleps! Fancy hats! What more could a girl want than a day at the Kentucky Derby?! The 2012 Kentucky Derby will be held this Saturday, so I decided to check up on the online traffic. Daily Reach to the Kentucky Derby site has seen steady growth over the past 3 months, proving that people are gearing up for the race. But what

Vineyard Vines Hopes You ‘Hoof It’ to the Stores After the Kentucky Derby

The final stretch of the Triple Crown is just around the bend. The Belmont Stakes takes place on June 11th, following some thrilling performances at the Preakness and Kentucky Derby. And one of those performances wasn’t even turned in by a horse; it was Vineyard Vines, which showed its championship marketing and advertising form during the Derby. For many, the Kentucky Derby is THE event to see and even more