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Update: Where is #STOPKONY now?

Image from: Invisible Children Last month we wrote about how the #STOPKony campaign has taken the internet by storm. With the negative press that the Invisible Children organization has received since their video reached viral status I wanted to see how the organization was responding on the web. Looking at daily reach and daily attention for we can see that traffic has decreased in the last month. Interestingly, traffic

#StopKONY Takes the Internet by Storm

Image from: Invisible Children The internet seems to have exploded with both positive and negative support for the non-profit, Invisible Children’s #KONY2012 campaign. Invisible Children’s mission is to end the abduction and abuse of children affected by the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) violence and support war-affected communities in East and Central Africa. The #STOPKONY campaign wants to raise awareness about Joseph Kony and his work with the LRA. The viral