What Does it Really Mean to be Innovative?

Last week’s session at the Ad Club of NYC hosted the innovative expertise of speaker, Saneel Radia. Radia is the Director of Innovation at Vivaki and the founder of innovation boutique, Finch15. He challenged the group to think about what the word “innovation” really means. Sure, we hear it all the time. But what must a company actually do to be considered innovative?

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Here’s a round up of our favorite digital marketing stories from the web this week: Google to encrypt all searches, brands are finally leveraging crowdfunding sites, how SEO and social media can synergize, and when you should kill an innovative idea.

Shoes Off to Innovative Cause Marketing

Few consumer brands are as synonymous with charitable donations as TOMS shoes. With their one-for-one movement efforts that donate a pair of shoes to a child in need with every purchase, and their annual One Day Without Shoes efforts, they’re setting the bar high for others in the industry that seek to strike a balance between consumer goods and non-profit efforts.  It’s all too common to find unaware consumers buying

What Does Innovative Marketing Mean To You And Your Organization?

Yesterday we had a great webinar with Mark Stevens, author of the BusinessWeek best-seller, “Your Marketing Sucks.” We talked about ways you can improve your marketing strategy by throwing the conventional rules out the window, starting with the question “What is marketing?” Mark Stevens challenged us to question everything we know about marketing, including its definition and said, “the only valid definition: the art and science of growing business.” When

Happy Valentine’s Day from Compete’s President

It’s Valentine’s Day, and what better time to show our appreciation to clients, supporters and the people who we worked with over the past year. We move so quickly these days that we often forget to celebrate our accomplishments, especially those of our clients. So this is my Valentine, celebrating all of our relationships and some of the reasons these past twelve months have been so special. We now have