Digital CMO Series: AOL

This past May Compete hosted the tenth annual Digital CMO Summit in Miami, FL. The event brought together 200 industry leaders for three days of hard-hitting session and networking opportunities. Among the speaker’s was AOL’s Tim Armstrong which had several good ideas to share.

Reaching Consumers Through Mobile Marketing: Tweets from #mmaf2013

As digital marketers, our new frontier is mobile and mobile marketing. Two weeks ago, the Mobile Marketing Association hosted its annual NY forum with the theme “Mobile’s Role in Closing the Loop Along the Path to Purchase.” We identified three discussion points from the forum, and some fresh new statistics to highlight the role of mobile use in the consumer path to purchase. All sources are from #mmaf2013

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Happy New Year from the Compete team! As you’re getting back in the saddle and making plans for the year ahead, take a few minutes and reflect on 2012. Where were your biggest successes? Your biggest learning experiences? If you missed any digital insights from the Compete blog during the year, now’s your chance to read through last year’s highlights with the Best of the Compete Blog: 2012 Edition. Let’s

The Compete Weekly Pulse

We hope everyone celebrating had a great Thanksgiving, and a productive (and safe!) Black Friday! Over the last week we announced a brand new bevy of research we’ve been working on with Twitter, looking at how Tweets influence online shopping. The pertinence is obvious; holiday shopping is here. We’re in the midsts of it. Knowing which strings to pluck is essential in maximizing holiday-timed campaigns. For instance, did you know

Digital Duel 2012: Obama vs. Romney

With the start of the presidential debates only days away, both the Obama and Romney camps are simply buzzing with social media momentum. To put into perspective the online presence of either candidate, we’ve created the following infographic to demonstrate which candidate is getting the most traffic, who that traffic is coming from, and what it could mean for this year’s Presidential Election. Just check out that map! State-by-state Obama’s campaign site is attracting Sees Search Referral Share

Image from: Venture Beat Infographics are all the rage right now and as we continue to do more things online we are surrounded by data. is a site that lets you create your own infographics and tell a story about that data. shows that has seen an incline of visitors since the site was created, but with more than 200K  visitors in November, the site hasn’t seen

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Ah the first warm weekend of the spring is finally here. I hope you’re reading this blog post outside in the sun. To entertain and inform you during your breaks from yard work and spring cleaning, here are some links to some of this week’s news articles that we read and found interesting for online marketers. Now that the news around Quora has slowed down, it’s about time to evaluate

The Weekly Compete Pulse

St. Patrick’s Day continues on into the weekend, and we’re quickly rolling towards spring. Next week, part of the Compete team will be in NYC for Search Engine Strategies. Check out some of this week’s news articles that we read and found interesting for online marketers. I’m a big fan of infographics, but all infographics were not created equal. This week, Mashable posted one of the best infographics on social