Ikea Keeps People Right at Home

Image from: Furniture Image / Shutterstock It’s safe to say that Boston has a higher cost of living than many other cities. In looking for my first apartment, I was reluctant on every price as it would be coming out of my pocket. Once my roommate and I finally decided on a steep priced two bedroom, we felt a little sense of relief that we had a place to live.

Will IKEA Take Over The World or Just the World Wide Web?

Image from: Ikea Image / Shutterstock In the last year sales for IKEA have risen and with plans to expand even further it looks like the Swedish owned furniture store may just land on every continent. But with the success of growth internationally, how is IKEA fairing in the US? Looking at Compete.com we can see that visitors to Ikea.com are spending a good deal of time on the site.

The Catalog Conundrum: Seasonal Versus Yearly Mailers

I remember as a child pondering the question of at what point does one become a “grown up”. Now that I am approaching my mid-twenties I can take a stab at answering. It happened to me when I realized that whenever I entered any major department store I was drawn to the kitchen section. I no longer went directly to the electronics, music, or video sections. Instead I found myself