hurricane sandy

November Data is Now LIVE at Compete

Image from: Presents / Shutterstock November data is now LIVE at Compete! In November, the fastest growing Website traffic lists were heavily influenced by Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with Black Friday sites, bargain sites, holiday sites, and retail sites taking leading positions. Other key drivers of Web traffic in November include the Powerball lottery and the U.S. presidential election. Relief efforts for those affected by Hurricane Sandy likely drove

Weathering the Hurricane: Online Behavior as Sandy Storms

  Image from: Hurricane Clouds / Shutterstock Seeing as how the east coast is currently seized in Hurricane Sandy, I thought this would be an interesting time to look into how a weather crisis impacts the behavior of people online. Using a few of the Compete PRO metrics I got an arial view into where people are looking for information, predications, and advice on weathering the storm. My first impulse