October Data is Now Live – JibJab, CW TV, and NBA Scared Up a Lot of Extra Traffic

October data is now live! See which sites made it into our Monthly Fast Movers and which trends drove traffic last month,

October Data is Now Live – TheVerge.com, JetBlue.com, Halloween and More…

October data is live and available now for Compete PRO customers! Before I share the insights from our October data, I’d like to tell you about the new Site Finder capability in the Advanced edition of Compete PRO. Many of our customers have asked for the ability to generate lists of websites that satisfy certain criteria.

Halloween Costume Shopping Trends of 2012

Image from: Halloween Witch / Shutterstock In the spirit of the season we’ve already blogged about Fall Fashions and Autumn Food Blogging, but now that the actual holiday is upon us it’s time to turn our attention to the biggest matter at hand: “Halloween Costumes.” It’s not surprising that a quick search for the top sites collecting traffic from the searched keyword “Halloween Costume” yields ultra-specific results such as SpiritHalloween.com

Sunday Series: Halloween Rears Its Head in Craft Category

Image from: Costumed Kids / Shutterstock  If you’re anything like me, half the fun of Halloween is crafting a costume on your own and then watching the shock on people’s faces when they realize it’s homemade. Sometimes it’s not shock though. Sometimes it’s pity, but the point is that I’m not alone in my craftiness. Buying a full costume can be expensive, so lots of people are turning towards cheap

September Data is LIVE at Compete

Image from: Digital Duel 2012 / Blog.Compete.com September data is now LIVE at Compete! With the advent of autumn what domains are seeing the biggest growth in their unique visitors? It goes without saying that perhaps the the top trend for fall is ‘back to school,’ reiterated by online shopping domains such as Shop411.com, Deal-finder.org, edmodo.com. The obvious preparation for Halloween is also seen in such seasonal sites like Spirithalloween.com

Sunday Series: Theme Parks Show People Are Ready For The Holidays

Image from: Roller Coaster / Shutterstock Last week Compete’s Boston headquarters took a break from pouring over data and teasing apart strategy to clock in at a good ol’ fashion amusement park. Even though it was cloudy the park was was packed! People are savoring their last days of summer before Fall descends to absorb the nice weather and listless lifestyle. Taking a look at July’s top movers in the

Uncovering Non-Seasonal Traffic Patterns in a Seasonal Niche

Halloween was on my mind today.  With Labor Day over and chilly, rainy weather clouding up my week and reminding me of the fall season I begin to look forward to what is (in my opinion) the best holiday of the year.  This got me thinking of what costume I would wear this year, and so I started visiting a few costume supply retailers online. Wondering who else could possibly