Win/Win Marketing: Give a Teacher an Apple – Apple iPad, That Is.

On March 11th, Apple released the iPad2 to the world. Chocked up with tons of new features, a sleeker design, and optimism for the future of tablets, the iPad2 would inevitably provide for Apple a surge of attention and sales, essentially marketing itself. But the iPad2 wasn’t the only thing Apple released to the public around this time. In partnership with this new product, Apple decided to set up shop

#AskObama 3 Reasons Why He Takes Advantage of Social Media

Last Wednesday, thousands of Twitter users opened their respective browsers and clicked into President Obama’s virtual Town Hall. Using the hash tag #AskObama and tweeting @townhall, Obama’s event garnered over 70,000 questions in the form of 140 character tweets (See: how to make really complicated political issues concise). Obama has been using Social Media as an outlet to reach the public ever since the beginning of his campaign. Through an