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Pinterest and Urban Outfitters Inc. – A Match Made in Hipster Heaven

Image from: Hipster Glasses Image / Shutterstock As many know, Urban Outfitters Inc. is an extremely successful company managing many storefront brands. Its top stores include Urban Outfitters itself, Free People, and Anthropologie. While each brand’s customer is very different, all seem to appreciate craftiness, creativity, and unique products. That is why it is no wonder to us that Pinterest’s users are also UO Inc. customers! However, we think you

Etsy’s Page Views Surpass Other Ecommerce Sites

Image from: Design Style Guide It’s no surprise that so many more people are shopping online these days. Aside from accessibility, every type of shop is at your fingertips. is a crafters paradise, setting it apart from other retail sites, Etsy is not your traditional online shopping experience. The online crafting community allows you to search by color, handmade or vintage materials as well as locally. I decided to