The Weekly Compete Pulse

Happy Saturday and welcome to March! Here are the most popular stories we shared online this week. The second largest television advertising event was last Sunday: The Academy Awards.  Brands spent between $1.6 and $1.8 million dollars for each thirty second commercial block. If you missed them, watch them all on Ad Age. Online, brands tried to replicate the recent success of the Super Bowl real-time marketing. Brands “newsjacked” the event

Compete Product Update: Optimize Ecommerce with FastFocus

The Super Bowl has been won, Oscars have been handed out and (at least in the Northeast) we’ve survived Nemo – one of the largest winter storms of the century. It hasn’t been all fun, games, and shoveling here at Compete in the beginning of the year though.  A few weeks ago we released a brand new module for Compete PRO users, FastFocus, and we’re very excited about the level

HTC One Launch Deserved More Attention

Image from: HTC One / HTC.com In the words of Jason Mackenzie, HTC’s President of Global sales, the just announced One is “a bold step forward that delivers something new and fresh”. That is certainly true for both the phone and the company. In a big departure from its traditional approach, HTC took the marketing and branding reins into their own hands and thrust its new flagship phone into the

Sunday Series: Fastest Growing Ski and Snowboard Sites

Image from: ski / Shutterstock This week, we compiled a list of the top growing sites for Ski and Snowboard enthusiasts in January. The category had over 3.3 million Unique Visitors, though down 20% from December. The snow sport seems to be increasing in popularity–traffic to the sites increased 7.39% over the past year. Northeastern mountains got the most attention, with skinh.com claiming the top spot.

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Here are the most popular stories from the past week. Agencies can now create more sophisticated Twitter campaigns; the site  released its highly anticipated advertising API on Wednesday. To compare, Facebook released its advertising API in 2009. Ads previously had to be loaded one at a time–when marketers really wanted to take advantage of the real-time interactions Twitter uniquely offers. Read more of how the ads API impacts marketers on MediaPost.

January Data is LIVE at Compete

Image from: money / Shutterstock January’s fastest growing sites were dominated by the financial services sector. With tax season in the U.S. in full swing, tax solution websites are growing rapidly as we start the new year. Large increases in traffic for sites like LivingResearchInstitute.com and DegreeSearch.org could stem from New Year’s resolutions about healthier living or getting an online college degree. Additionally, the return of the NHL in January

Agencies Need a New Set of Glasses

Many agencies hope that a single media metric can one day emerge to simplify the unwelcome complexity of new media. Compete’s Chief Research Officer, Yaakov Kimelfeld, warns they shouldn’t hold their breath. Brands increasingly have less control over their messages; they no longer travel in a straight path from advertisers through publishers to consumers. New technology empowers consumers to manipulate the media and insert their personal perceptions…

Sunday Series: Top Blogs for Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

Image from: crossfit / Shutterstock This week, we compiled a list of the fastest growing health and fitness blogs in January. People turned to the bloggers for help and inspiration to keep their own New Year’s resolutions after the holidays. The category had 2.13 million Unique Visitors in January, up 8.39% over the month of December. Making the list was the New York Time’s Wellness blog and the popular exercise

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Here is a round up of the most popular stories we shared online this week. The significance of mobile in search marketing increased in 2012. Nearly a quarter of paid search clicks stem from mobile devices, up from just 14.2% in the beginning of 2012. According to the same survey of brands from all major industry sectors including including retail, search budgets also increased from 10% to 18.4%. Read the full findings

Mobile Twitter Users Are the Ideal Audience for Advertisers

A new study by Compete and Twitter found that primary mobile Twitter users in the U.S. are more engaged than regular users. These users are 86% more likely to be on Twitter several times a day than the average Twitter user. They interact more with tweets and follow more brands. What do marketers need to know to better connect with these mobile consumers?

U.S. Auto Industry: 2012 in Review

2012 was a year of recovery for the U.S. auto industry. Sales reached a post-recession high 14.4 million units, the best performance in 5 years and up 13% over 2011. At the same time Japanese manufacturers, reeling a year ago with post-tsunami inventory shortages came storming back to post 20%+ sales gains in 2012. Lastly, GM and Chrysler began to shed their bankruptcy status, with Chrysler especially posting solid sales gains…