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Sunday Series: Record Wins for Lottery Sites in May

Traffic to lottery websites increased 35% month-over-month (MOM) in May, reaching a two-year high of 35.1 million Unique Visitors (UVs). leaped from the fourth most visited site in the category in April, to #1 in May, thanks to the second-largest lottery jackpot in history: $590 million dollars. The Florida State Lottery,, previously held the top spot in April.

May Data is LIVE at Compete!

Mother’s Day made a significant impact on the fast moving sites list this month with,,, and all making the top ten. also joined the fast movers this month due to another record-setting jackpot last month. Likely driven by the NHL playoffs in the U.S., claimed spot #8 on the list, with monthly page views growing nearly 17% month-over-month as well.

April Data is LIVE at Compete

April saw the return of baseball season in the United States, propelling into the fastest growing sites for the month. Additionally, we may be witnessing the rise of Twitter’s recently acquired Vine as the site surged passed two million unique visitors last month. Rounding out April’s Fast Movers is, likely driven by people looking for news about the Boston Marathon bombings.

February Fast Movers

February data is live on and we’ve ranked the fastest moving websites and fastest moving industry categories by month-over-month change in Unique Visitors. Fastest moving websites: Similar to January’s fastest moving websites and with the fast approaching April 15th deadline, tax sites continue to rein supreme in the top 10., and had impressive growth in February as people gear up to file their taxes.  The other

January Fast Movers

January data is live on we’ve ranked that fastest moving websites and fastest moving industry categories by increases in unique visitors. Fastest moving websites: It’s that time of year again and everyone has taxes on the brain. As a result a majority of the top growing websites in January were related to tax filing, tax services and software. experienced the largest growth with 6.86 million unique visitors in January