Sunday Series: Fashion & Style Among October’s Fast Movers

For this week’s Sunday Series, we have a category that hasn’t made the fast movers list for some time now, the “Fashion and Style” category. As a whole the category saw a 15.6% month-over-month (MoM) increase in unique visitors (UVs). This brought the total category UVs up to 15.9 million for the month of October – the highest that it has been in over a year.

10 Reasons Luxury Fashion Brands Should Go Mobile

If you love fashion and technology as much as I do, you have probably heard one of the more exciting pieces of industry news this month: Paul Deneve, CEO of fashion brand Saint-Laurent, was hired by Apple as their Vice President of “special projects.” While everyone is trying to figure out what the project is, I am excited about this interesting cooperation between the two industries.

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Happy Cinco de Mayo, marketers! Here’s a round up of the most popular digital marketing stories we shared over the last week. “The best of the companies we’re seeing now are unbelievably good at analytics,” Marc Andreessen said in an interview with Harvard Business Review. An entrepreneur himself, and now a Venture Capitalist in Silicon Valley, Andreessen discusses the unique challenges of the modern entrepreneur and the qualities successful ones possess…

3 Tips for Tracking Fall Fashion Consumer Trends

Image from: Fall Fashion / Shutterstock I think it’s safe to say that of the many reasons people love the advent of autumn, one of the top qualifies is the shift in fashion warranted by the shift in weather. The sweaters that were paltry and muggy in the summer become mobile havens in the fall. People begin to layer (and layer and layer). This means more clothing, it means more

How Is Drafting You Into Its Fashionable Army

Image from: Shopping Craze / Shutterstock “I love your shirt! Where did you get it?” Sounds familiar, right? It’s a natural tendency to associate style with a place of purchase, and slowly online retailers are learning that perhaps their best advertisers are the very same people they sell to. knows this, and it’s about to make a killing by gamifying this trend, all based on the online phenomenon of

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Where did people advertise themselves before Facebook? Before Twitter? According to Ballentine’s, it’s the t-shirt that should be attributed to the first modern, self-oriented advertisement, and it’s to the t-shirt that this task shall return! They’re some smart folk over there, and they’ve managed to create an internet-connected t-shirt that’s design interacts with you via your online presence. Check out their pitch video below! Search Engine Watch put out an

Sunday Series – Fashion and Style

Image from: Handbag Image / Shutterstock For our Sunday Series this week we have featured 10 websites with a large monthly increase in unique visitors from the Fashion and Style category.

Spring vs Summer Fashion: Which Sites Are Most Popular

Image from: Elle Back in March, I wrote about the most popular destinations for information on spring fashion trends. Fashion magazines like Glamour, Marie Claie, Esquire and Elle topped the list of popular sites people navigated to after searching for “spring fashion 2012.” I thought it would be interesting to do a similar search, this time for “summer fashion 2012″ to see if the same sites we popular for summer

Off to the Races! A Look Into The Kentucky Derby

Image from: Kentucky Derby Image / Shutterstock Mint Juleps! Fancy hats! What more could a girl want than a day at the Kentucky Derby?! The 2012 Kentucky Derby will be held this Saturday, so I decided to check up on the online traffic. Daily Reach to the Kentucky Derby site has seen steady growth over the past 3 months, proving that people are gearing up for the race. But what

Searching for Style: Where to Turn for Spring 2012 Fashion Trends

Image from: Glamour Color blocking. Bright colors. Bold prints. The weather is heating up here in Boston and it has got me thinking that it is time to put away my winter clothing and has me itching to buy some new things for Spring. But what should I look for? I decided to check the data to see which sites people are turning to learn about the new trends