Forgetsy Me Not: Etsy is the Rising Titan in Handmade Ecommerce

Image from: Vermilionarie’s Etsy Shop / I’m a cooler person because of It’s true—just ask anyone who mildly likes me. They’ll tell you I’ve got some major coolness points wrapped up in accessories, all of which I’ve procured from the crafty artisans hosting their shops on So, since Etsy seems to be the providence of my stylish reputation, I decided to use Compete PRO to get a

Etsy’s Page Views Surpass Other Ecommerce Sites

Image from: Design Style Guide It’s no surprise that so many more people are shopping online these days. Aside from accessibility, every type of shop is at your fingertips. is a crafters paradise, setting it apart from other retail sites, Etsy is not your traditional online shopping experience. The online crafting community allows you to search by color, handmade or vintage materials as well as locally. I decided to

Affiliates Pining for Pinterest

Pinterest is the new popular kid on the Internet, getting featured in media outlets like celebrity gossip does on tabloids. What people aren’t talking about however is the opportunity that exists for more ‘behind the scenes businesses.’ Those amazing symbiotic or parasitic relationships where third parties benefit from Pinterest’s new hype, sort of like Entourage™ with a cast of publishers, affiliates, and merchants.

Pinterest: A Retailer’s Best Friend

Last May, we wrote about the new kid on the block, Pinterest. A self-proclaimed “virtual pinboard,” Pinterest allows users to collect images, quotes, recipes, etc. from across the web and organize them onto their own “pinboards” which can be shared with other Pinterest users. Examples of common pinboard inspirations are Wedding boards, Food & Drink boards, Travel & Places boards, & Home decor boards. Although Pinterest had shown promise back