What People Want with Wikipedia

Image from: Bright Idea / Shutterstock I don’t care what anyone says. Wikipedia is the best tool ever. It’s the providence of the learning online, the bastion of knowledge in a world of digital riffraff and, incidentally, it’s been my not-so-secret best friend since I discovered you could read the entire plots of movies and books you didn’t want to necessarily see or read. Some call me lazy, but who has time

Britannica Kills Print Encyclopedia: Will You Use the Online Version?

Image from: S. Miroff / Shutterstock Yesterday, Britannica announced that that the 2010 Encyclopaedia Britannica will be the last one that is printed in hard copy. Going forward, Britannica will publish content to Britannica Online in lieu of their traditional, 32-volume print edition. In fact, starting yesterday, the company is allowing free access to the Britannica Online. In a blog post by Jorge Caus, President of Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc., he notes,