Digging a Little Deeper Into Digg’s Downfall

Image from: Soil with Shovel / Shutterstock I used to be a loyal user of Digg.com, but after a few too many changes I stopped visiting the site. So when I heard that Betaworks was going to be rebuilding the social news platform from scratch I decided to see what was going on with Digg. The failing news website, Digg was recently sold to Betaworks for the small sum of

Let’s Get Personal: The New Content Discovery

Image from: LaptopImage / Shutterstock Online media aggregators have played a critical role in content discovery for years. According to Compete PRO, the News Aggregators and Socially Generated News category of websites has consistently garnered between 25-35M unique visitors a month over the last two years. While there has been a general decline in attention to the category, there is no denying that content discovery remains as relevant as ever

Reddit drinks Digg’s milkshake

We could hardly tear ourselves away last week from the drama that became of two of the largest social-news websites on the Internet. For the better part of a day, users unhappy with version 4 of Digg posted a barrage of links from Reddit’s site onto Digg’s homepage. The result increased Reddit’s traffic causing extra demand on their servers. Reddit gladly stepped up to the sizable increase in daily traffic