Compete’s Audience Profiles

How well do you know your website’s audience? Do you know the demographics, geographics, interests, or lifestyle preferences of your website’s audience? What if you were able to show this information to potential advertisers, or know this information before buying an ad? Compete’s Audience Profiles offers extensive audience insights that allow you to develop highly targeted marketing campaigns that reach your ideal customer. Get started-it’s free! Step-by-step instructions on how

Games People Play – Now From the Smartphone

Are you going to the CTIA show in San Francisco this week? If so, do you want to know more about how consumers are using their smartphones? If you would like to set up a meeting with Compete during the show, please email Danielle Nohe at or find me on LinkedIn Games People Play – Now From the Smartphone King me…Goal…Come on Down! Games come in all shapes and

What're you doing at work all day, bro?

Each day millions of America sit down at their desks to days filled with continuous hard work without end"¦ or maybe they take a break or two.. I recently had a conversation with one of my male friends about his web-surfing habits at work. He told me about a site that is grabbing the attention of the hard working, “office” man — After learning their slogan: "By the common

Girls go wild for Girls Gone Wild

Did that grab your attention? So the story goes; I had a bet with my old roommate that 20% of sales for Girls Gone Wild were female. To which he responded, “No way, it’s less than 1% – girls would never buy that”. Oh, how little does he know….. (Now is a good time to make your guess at what the actual figure is by the way.) Think for a

Compete Now Offers Audience Insights!

Compete and Fox Audience Network Partner First of its kind Audience Profiles now available through Compete On Monday, Compete and the FOX Audience Network (FAN) debuted a comprehensive audience insight service. Publishers and advertisers now have the ability to dissect their website’s audience composition and use these insights to develop highly targeted marketing strategies to reach their ideal customer. Compete Audience Profiles are available to anyone with a free MyCompete